SimaPro Versions

For companies, businesses, consultancies
and anyone using SimaPro for commercial use

(for Academic versions see below)

SimaPro Analyst is the most popular business version of SimaPro. It has all the power, without the software development tools found in SimaPro Developer.
SimaPro Analyst is available as a single-user version, or a multi-user version. Databases such as Ecoinvent are included. 

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SimaPro Developer is the most powerful version of SimaPro. 
SimaPro Developer enables integration with corporate software systems. It also enables new front ends to be developed, whereby SimaPro is the engine behind another software system.

SimaPro Developer has everything SimaPro Analyst does, including single-user and multi-user versions.

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There are other SimaPro options available, including
SimaPro Direct
(for users who prefer

pre-defined LCAs rather than building their own)
SimaPro Share & Collect

(for online collection of data)

SimaPro Report Maker

(for automated transfer of SimaPro results into

Word, Excel)

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Expert Package
Power Package


For universities using SimaPro for teaching and
academic research, not commercial use

SimaPro PhD

SimaPro PhD is the most popular and powerful academic version of SimaPro. It is intended for any academic use such as research.
SimaPro PhD is a single-user version. It comes as a perpetual licence including all databases such as Ecoinvent. A temporary (one year) version is also available. 
SimaPro PhD is usually installed on an individual researcher's computer rather than on a server.

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SimaPro Classroom

SimaPro Classroom is an LCA teaching tool.
Up to 40 students at once can access SimaPro Classroom,
which is installed on a server. SimaPro Classroom is usually used for undergrad class work, but it can also be used for research if the full power of SimaPro PhD is not required.

SimaPro Classroom users need to have access to the network, so it is not a field tool.

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SimaPro Faculty

SimaPro Faculty has similar features to SimaPro Classroom. The difference is that SimaPro Faculty is not server based. It consists of up to 40 individual installations on individual computers. It does not require network access, so researchers can have SimaPro on campus, in the field, on a laptop or at home. It is perfect for remote working.
SimaPro Faculty runs for one year, so a new licence is required each year.

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