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If you are in the UK, please fill in an order form
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If you are in another country, please refer to your
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University Closures

SimaPro Faculty allows 40 installations anywhere, including students' home computers. SimaPro Faculty enables students to keep working with SimaPro while universities are closed.

SimaPro Faculty Order Form

The Order Process

1.  If you are in the UK, please email your signed order form to
     jessica @

2.  You will receive an invoice which you can pay by bank transfer
     or credit card 

3.  Download the latest version of SimaPro and Ecoinvent
      onto a suitable computer running Windows

4.  Once payment is received, you will be emailed
     a registration code to unlock the full version of SimaPro


Find out more about placing an order for SimaPro via your organisation's procurement process  >>>

SimaPro questions? Please email jessica @