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The Power of Good Data

SimaPro comes complete with everything you need included in the price - there are no hidden extra costs. For example a wide variety of databases are included.
The largest database in SimaPro is EcoInvent, which is the world's leading LCA database. This has some 25,000 datasets. SimaPro contains the world's most complete implementation of EcoInvent.
Databases in SimaPro >>>

SimaPro comes with these databases included in the price:
  • EcoInvent

  • Agri-footprint

  • US Life Cycle Inventory database

  • ELCD

  • EU and Danish Input Output

  • Industry data 2.0 
    (includes data from PlasticsEurope, ERASM, World Steel)

  • Swiss Input/Output database


Databases in SimaPro or available as options  >>>

USLCI: US Life Cycle Inventory Database  >>>

Agri-Footprint Database  >>>

Swiss Input-Output Database  >>>

European & Danish Input-Output Database

Social Hotspots Database

For SimaPro orders and support please contact:
orders @
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