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SimaPro on
Apple Mac Systems

Running SimaPro on macOS


SimaPro is designed to work with Windows, so any system that can run Windows can potentially run SimaPro. SimaPro can run very successfully on Apple Macs, either by using Boot Camp to run Windows, or by using Windows virtual machine software such as Parallels.

In the UK we sometimes use Apple Mac laptops to run SimaPro, using Parallels to run Windows 10 or 11. Parallels with Windows 10/11 runs SimaPro very quickly and reliably. Parallels can even run Windows on the new Apple Macs that do not have Intel processors (the latest Apple computers have Apple Silicon M1/M2/M3 processors, and Parallels can run Windows on these).

One of the main determinants of the speed at which SimaPro operates is whether the hard disc is a SSD (solid state drive). Since all Mac laptops have high speed SSDs, they run SimaPro faster than many Windows PCs. We have 16GB of RAM in our Macs. Parallels allows instant switching between macOS and Windows, and easy cut & paste between the two, so in effect it is just the same as if SimaPro is running on macOS. You will need to buy Parallels to run SimaPro in this way. Windows is always required, it is not possible to run SimaPro directly on macOS, Linux, Android or IOS.

SimaPro is not officially supported on Apple computers, so the main helpdesk may not be able to help with Parallels questions. However, we have found that support is seldom required, since Parallels runs SimaPro extremely reliably.

The above information also provides pointers for PC users who want to achieve the best possible results on PCs: use a PC with an SSD, at least 8GB of RAM, a reasonably high resolution screen, around 20Gb free disk space, and Windows 10 or 11 (or a recent version of Windows Server). However, if these specs are not possible, SimaPro can run on lower powered systems, it will simply run more slowly. 

For SimaPro support please contact:
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