The best ever version of
SimaPro is out now!

SimaPro 9.1 updates Ecoinvent to 3.6. The previous version, SimaPro 9.0, introduced various changes:

  • New version of Ecoinvent database: EcoInvent 3.5

  • New version of Agri-Footprint database: Agri-Footprint 4

  • New version of ELCD database: ELCD 3.2

  • New version of Industry Data database: Industry Data 2.0 

  • Updated electricity and gas data

  • Updated plastics recycling data

  • Updated impact assessment methods

For details, download the pdf document:

The Ecoinvent team has produced a video on Ecoinvent 3.5 which can be viewed here: 

Remember that Ecoinvent by itself does not work with SimaPro - you cannot buy Ecoinvent separately and get it to work in SimaPro. The only version of Ecoinvent that works with SimaPro is the one in SimaPro. (Occasionally people buy Ecoinvent directly from Ecoinvent, without realising it is only usable manually, it cannot be added into software such as SimaPro).

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