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SimaPro 9.6 update details


Software release date: 31-3-2024
Deployment date: 15-4-2024

Updates in SimaPro 9.6:

Updates to data libraries

  • SimaPro 9.6 includes Ecoinvent 3.10

  • (the allocation cut-off by classification system model is included by default,
    other system models are available as additional downloadable libraries)

Updates to impact assessment methods

  • Characterization factors have been added to all applicable methods for:

    • New and formerly missing occupation and transformation flows

    • New and formerly missing energy resources

    • New regionalized water flows

    • Formerly missing waterborne emissions of water to the oan sub-compartment

    • Formerly missing nitrogen and phosphorus substances

  • Characterization factors have been updated in all applicable methods as follows:

    • Mappings of land use types from the original methods to SimaPro land use types have been revised with resulting changes in characterization factors for a few land use flows

    • Sub-regions that do not have a characterization factor in the original method have inherited the characterization factor of the main country (e.g. BR-GO has inherited the characterization factor of BR) instead of inheriting it from the global region

    • Characterization factors for energy resources have been aligned within an impact category on either higher or lower heating value

    • Characterization factors of a few nitrogen and phosphorus substances have been updated based on corrected stoichiometry calculations

  • Additional updates/corrections have been implemented for all IPCC 2021 methods, all LC-IMPACT methods, Land use biodiversity (Chaudhary et al., 2015), all ReCiPe 2016 methods and BEES+

SimaPro and Ecoinvent recently held an Ecoinvent 3.10 webinar -

the recording can be watched on Youtube here:

Please note that the only version of Ecoinvent that works with SimaPro is the version in SimaPro.
You cannot buy Ecoinvent separately and then get it to work in SimaPro.

For SimaPro orders and support
in the UK please contact:
orders @
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